ZL4KF Amateur Radio Station, New Zealand


Welcome to ZL4KF in southern New Zealand!

Ken - ZL4KF - Amateur Radio OperatorZL4KF is an Amateur Radio (ham radio) call-sign, the ZL prefix represents New Zealand, the number 4 historically was used to indicate the southern region of New Zealand (4th district) and the KF part is the individual station identification, in this case also being my initials. (Ken France). I have held this call-sign since 1971, after gaining my licence to operate an amateur radio station in that year. This website is about my amateur radio station, my interest in radio, especially antennas, propagation, electronics, computers and other things.

New Zealand has around 6,000 licenced amateur radio operators and much information on amateur radio in this country can be found on the NZART website.

The photographs in the slideshow above were all taken in the local area, around the small town of Waikouaiti where we live, some 40 km up the coast from Dunedin. Check out our property here.

Ham radio - a technology based social network that preceeded all others